The Kankakee County State's Attorney's Office is committed to improving communication with witnesses and victims of crime.  Our Victim & Witness Division provides a variety of services for crime victims and witnesses to make their experience with the criminal justice system less traumatic and easier to understand.  



To provide comprehensive and coordinated services to all victims and witnesses of violent crimes with fairness, dignity, and respect. To empower victims in their recovery from the effects of crime through crisis intervention and related support services.

Witnesses Subpoenaed for Court

If you receive a subpoena from the State's Attorney's Office to appear in court as a witness you should call the phone number on the subpoena to confirm that you have received the subpoena and to see if there has been any change in the date and time of the court hearing.  Hearings are often rescheduled or postponed, sometimes with very little advance notice.  It is important that you verify your contact information when you call so the State's Attorney can notify you of any change in the date or time you are needed in court.  

It is also strongly suggested that you call the State's Attorney's Office the afternoon before your court appearance at (815) 936-5800, to confirm that the hearing is proceeding as scheduled.  When calling, please be prepared to provide the case name or case number from your subpoena and you will then be connected with the division or attorney that issued the subpoena.


Witness Services

Witnesses of a crime are key in the prosecution of the case. As a witness of a crime, your truthful testimony is crucial to the outcome of the case. The criminal justice system can be overwhelming when you are a witness. Victim Advocates can assist with the following:

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Resource and referrals to outside agencies

  • Orientation to the criminal justice system

  • Case status/disposition

  • Emergency assistance with shelter, food, clothing & transportation

Victim Services

Victims of crime often feel lost and frustrated during the course of the trial. Victim advocates serve as the liaison between the victims and law enforcement officials ensuring that each victim is treated with equality and respect. It is essential that victims, family friends, and relatives are included in the criminal justice process. Victim advocates can assist with the following:

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Resource and referrals to outside agencies

  • Follow-up for emotional, personal, financial and employment problems resulting from the crime

  • Emergency assistance in obtaining temporary shelter, clothing, food, transportation & medical care

  • Filing for compensation through the Illinois Victim Compensation Program

  • Transportation

  • Victim Impact Statements

  • Orientation to the criminal justice system

  • Support through court appearances

  • Information regarding the progress of the case & it's disposition

  • Restitution assistance

To contact the Victim & Witness Division, please call (815) 936-5800.

For more information about Crime Victims' Rights In Illinois, click here.

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