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By law, the State's Attorney’s Office has the responsibility to provide legal counsel to Kankakee County. The Civil Division of the office fulfills that responsibility, serving as a full-service law firm. It provides legal services in real and personal taxation and assessments, drug asset forfeiture litigation, contracts, inter-governmental relations, land transactions, bankruptcy, condemnation, planning and zoning, human health, and employee relations. Civil Division attorneys also act as legal counsel for the County’s elected officials in the operations of their respective offices.


Additionally, the Civil Division represents diverse County entities in legal and administrative proceedings arising from the provision of various public services. Civil attorneys expertly defend the County against certain lawsuits and claims that may not be covered by insurance, which could include constitutional claims coming from law enforcement, elections, and taxation and health regulations; personal injury and property damage lawsuits stemming from premises liability; and contract disputes. 

How to contact us: 

Civil Division

Kankakee County State’s Attorneys’ Office

189 E. Court Street, 6th Floor

Kankakee, IL 60901

815-936-5800 tel

Chief of Civil Division: 

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