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Welcome to the Diversion Program!

You have been offered the opportunity to avoid a criminal charge or conviction by participating in the Kankakee County State's Attorney's Diversion Accountability Program.  Successful completion of this program will result in your matter being resolved without a conviction on your record.  


In order to participate in this program you must have received a letter - either in the mail or in court - directing you to this website for enrollment.  The Diversion Program includes:

  1. Complete an educational course related to your offense and pay a course fee of $250*;

  2. Perform 10 hours of community service in the community where the crime occurred;

  3. If you do NOT have a high-school diploma or a GED, you must meet with a GED counselor; if you DO have a high-school degree or a GED, you must meet with a community college counselor.  You are only exempt from this requirement if you hold an Associate’s degree or higher; and

  4. If your case involves criminal damage to property or theft, you may be required to pay restitution as part of this program.

*The course fee is not required to be paid at the time you sign up for the Program, however it must be paid in advance of taking the educational course.  

Please note that failure to successfully complete all components of the Diversion Accountability Program may result in your case proceeding through the criminal court system.

Diversion Accountability

A Restorative Justice Program of the

Kankakee County State's Attorney's Office


Amber Bramer

Community Outreach Specialist

(815) 936-5837

Ready To Sign Up for the Diversion Program?

Questions about the Program? (815) 936-5837

Disclaimer: If you are currently represented by an attorney or have plans to retain an attorney, please provide this letter to your attorney.  If you are not represented by an attorney, you are free to consult with an attorney regarding this Diversion Accountability Program and other options available to you.  We are happy to speak with your attorney should they have any questions.  Please note that the Kankakee County State’s Attorneys’ Office does not represent you in this matter and we are unable to act as your attorney or advise you in this matter.

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